Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Branding Yourself

Every semester I ask Jim Miller, professor of communication, to speak to my business communication class. He talks about social media and how it relates to business communication. Dr. Miller gives a wonderful lecture on how our students have an opportunity to market themselves, now more than ever. As he speaks about Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn I can tell the students are engaged. I don’t really expect to get a ton out of his lecture, as Jim and I frequently have discussions about social media and the like. When he started talking about blogs and domain names, my ears perked up. I have tried to write a blog before, three to be exact, and the silly things never kept my attention long enough to stick with it. (Consequently, I make no promises regarding this blog) The lecture became more of a question session asking how do you brand yourself? In a world that has information at everyone's fingertips, how do you tell people about yourself? Sure, you can type your name into a search engine and find several pages that say something about you. Is this the information you want people to see? What if the information out there isn't true? That information is out there for all to see. You may think it vain to "Google" yourself, but I would highly recommend doing so. I suggest this to all of my students. The real life application to this is you never know who is searching for information about you. It could be a neighbor; it could be a potential employer, or maybe even a co-worker. The message is simple, if you aren't branding yourself, someone else is.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out. As you know, I just recently took my own advice and bought my personal domain name. I can now preach with a clean conscience.

    Your site looks very nice. I'd love to see your resume/CV and maybe some samples of business papers you've written or podcasts of lectures you've presented.

    I'm glad we're colleagues.