Friday, May 13, 2011

Cut The Cord Already...

Is it possible to do too much for your child? What do you think crosses the line? At what point does a parent become "too involved"? I ask these questions because I can't get over the fact that parents seem to be going back to college in record number. These parents aren't actually enrolled in the universities, but they are indeed very much a part of them. This is more of a self-imposed situation though. Last semester I had a student tell me he sends all of his papers to his mother for her to proofread them. This seemed to be something that would come and pass, but this phenomenon certainly doesn't seem to be going anywhere. College is supposed to be a time of self-discovery. Is college really the place where young adults can learn more about themselves? Unfortunately, because of parent's that won't let go, these students aren't growing up. In fact, they become more resilient to taking a challenge head-on. These students find ways to side step the system in place. When they call home, home calls the university and pleads to get their child out of whatever problem has been put in front of them. At what point is this student going to learn about life? Sure, educators can teach them about academic disciplines, but where are they going to learn about life? Are these parents going to have their kids moving back in after graduation? Understand what I am saying, there is a disease in the current generation that is keeping them from learning the hard lessons of life. This disease is spawn from parents who simply cannot let go. There will be a point in the life each of these student's where they will be left behind by their peers who have chosen the path less traveled, and what will a parent be able to do then? You can read more about this topic from this article.

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