Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Not About Me

This morning I sat and watched as a page was being turned in the lives of many students. This morning was just like most mornings for me. I woke up at 6:30, got ready, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out the door. I typically don't go to campus on Saturday's but today was a bit different. Today we took part in commencement ceremonies. As I marched in with my colleagues all I could think about was how long this would take. I wasn't mad or upset that I had to be there, but I didn't actually enjoy it either. Everyone in the stands was smiling from ear to ear. The students could not contain their excitement, and I was left wondering how long I would be in the uncomfortable fold-out chair. As the first row of degree recipients stood up, the pure joy was flowing from their smiles.And then it dawned on me, I was here for them. I was here to enjoy this day, their day, with them. It's exciting to see your students walk across that stage. Today was about the celebration of hard work and finishing the task. Today was not about my feelings at all, it was much bigger. Today, I was happy to be there in support of those students that worked so hard and now call themselves college graduates. In life we may not always appreciate where we are or what we are doing. Maybe it's best to ask, "Is this really about me?" Best wishes to the class of 2011.

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