Friday, May 13, 2011

A Time For Rest

Most universities across the country are wrapping things up. The summer is upon us. This “time of rest” is so crucial to the overall learning experience of students. The ability to "unplug" is earned and well deserved by those who put themselves through academic rigor. However, the break shouldn't be a time for zero mental stimulation. The next three months are actually perfect for students to spend time on things they like. By simply switching gears to something you choose, your mind can be sharpened. You know what I mean. How many business students really want to take music appreciation and how many music students want to take economics? If you go straight from final exams and then take a three-month break from higher education, full of nothing, only to come back rigorous coursework in the fall, your mind will have to start up again. Keeping your mind sharp during the summer break can make a huge difference for a student who is about to face a tough semester. Even if all you can do is read a fiction novel, at the best that keeps your brain working. However, the break is not for learning every square root to every number. Another option for the summer is to put what you’ve learned into practice. For some, this comes in the form of a summer job. For others, you may have the luxury to volunteer all summer. Being active in your disciple not only looks great on a resume, it actually helps you learn more about path you have chosen in life. Just relax and enjoy the break, but take full advantage of the opportunity to keep your brain waves moving.

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