Thursday, July 7, 2011

No Guarantees

Life has no guarantees. So many people joke about the only guarantees we have are death and taxes. While those are true, they don't really grasp the true concept of NO guarantees. We are never promised tomorrow. I am reminded of a wife who just lost her husband of ten years. His work did involve more risks than the typical nine-to-five. However, It was something that she could never have planned for. So now, she is left with their children and the memories of her wonderful husband. Life has no guarantees. I have all of the plans in the world to grow old with my wife and play catch with my grandchildren. However, there may be a time way before grandchildren when my name is called. In many respects, I have no control over the time I have on this earth, but I do have some control over how I use my time. We all mean something to someone. Life is too short not share time with the ones you love, to complete those goals, and to help others along the way. After all, life has no guarantees.

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