Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do You Plan For Roadblocks?

Okay, I’m back. A lot has happened since my last post. I completed my first semester of doctoral studies, welcomed two children to my family (twins), and semi-started a new role at work. There was a time that I thought none of this would have been possible, but now it’s all happening…. at the same time.

These past few months have taught me a great lesson in time management and fighting through the urge to throw up my hands and quit. There have been numerous times when a huge paper was due and the twins decided sleep was for the birds.

I am a serious planner and before I start a project I usually have everything mapped out, sometimes on paper but at the very least in my head. These days I am faced with challenges to my plans more times than not. What do you do when your plans fall through? What would it look like if every time you faced a challenge you walked away? Life gives us challenges, but the experience of roadblocks molds us into who we are.

Planning is good, but you must be prepared to hit some challenges along the way.

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