Thursday, March 8, 2012

Always Being Interviewed

Each semester I spend about a week on interviews. We have a nice discussion about interviews that the members of class have had or heard of. I even grab a few students and ask them to be the genii pig as I interview them on the spot in front of their peers. These types of interviews are what we expect. These are the interviews that we know are real and exist. However, I always like to entertain that idea that you are always being interviewed. I quickly follow that statement up by telling the students they may take that as far as they want to, and then I pause. The looks are their faces are sometimes priceless. After the moment of silence I go on to tell them they could be being interviewed right now. What does that shirt say about you? How about your desire to sit on the back row, or the front? Do you ever add to the discussion or do you count the time until the bell will ring? This may not make any sense, until you apply for a job and your potential employer calls and wants to talk to one of your professors. Just think about all of the places you go and the people you meet. What if every person you came in contact with had a say in if you would get the job? Though this scenario isn’t likely, what is likely is that someone you didn’t even realize was around you will be coming to the table when it’s time to discuss your hire. You can take this as literal as you want. Just remember, you are always on an interview.

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