Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do Your Research

Social media plays a major role in the way we communicate. Unfortunately, social media has also made it easier to get your message out before it has even been proven to be legitimate. I realize this may ruffle some serious feathers, but I find it hard to get behind the KONY2012 movement. For the record, I fully support removing Kony from his seat of influence and power. I believe he is a bad person that is responsible for a massive amount of inhumane acts. However, the group behind KONY2012 is what worries me about this event. Invisible Children has always seemed sketchy to me. When they first started they refused to release any financials, but they assured everyone the money was going where they said it was going. I actually spoke to their CFO at the time and he deflected more questions than he would answer. I understand deflection like the best of them, but this was a different kind of deflection. For me, Invisible Children is less of an aid in financial resources and more of an aid in awareness, if that makes sense. That isn’t really a bad thing. However, that’s not how it’s being packaged. IC is being packaged as the organization that is making things happen and pours all/most of its resources into aiding these children. However, this looks more like a film project that is being sponsored than actual aid to these children. Social media has allowed videos to be seen and tweets to be posted, but what is actually happening? Some people are re-tweeting, but will do nothing else. Some are donating, but don’t actually know who or what they are donating for, it just feels right. Then there are those that are posting videos, updating facebook and twitter and pouring money and manpower into this because they believe in their heart it will make a difference. I hope the final group is right. I hope Invisible Children are legit, I just don’t see it. I have done my research and looked into this organization and I don’t see what others see, but I hope I’m wrong. As stated at the beginning, I’m not against the movement, but it’s hard to get behind something that is orchestrated behind what seems to be the big curtain that concealed the Wizard of Oz. Whatever you decide on this issue, at the very least, do your research.

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