Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Separation of Personal and Professional

Does the name Rick Marini ring a bell? There’s a great chance you haven’t heard of Marini, but if you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably heard of his latest project. Just in the past week I have had several invitations to join one of my friends on the BranchOut network. The idea seems to be taking off with great success. I have yet to accept an invitation because I’m not sure it’s a good idea. Facebook is a great site and has the ability to keep you updated on the goings on of your friends and even family. Do I really want Facebook to ease into my professional life? Currently, I have an account with LinkedIn. Even the feel of the site is more professional. There is a distinct difference between the feel of Facebook and LinkedIn. I use Facebook to keep me updated on my friends from high school, my nephew and his tee ball career, and to see where all of my college friends ended up. LinkedIn doesn’t serve that purpose, it helps you connect professionally. One quick thing you may notice is the profile picture. That the guy on Facebook with the picture of him posing with Barney the Purple Dinosaur has a tie on for his LinkedIn profile picture. What message does this send? What if an employer never finds the LinkedIn page? The image of you hugging Barney is the first impression. Your Facebook profile should be at the very least semi-private, but with the BranchOut application you’re open to the world. Would you want your potential or current boss and your friends from high school to access to each other? In the BranchOut application if one of your friends installs BranchOut, you can see the work histories of their friends as well. Having an online presence is important, but make sure you are managing it appropriately.

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