Thursday, April 25, 2013

Strategic Decision

After reading Platform by Michael Hyatt and after digesting anything on blog strategy I could find, I’ve decided to make Thursday the official post day of There could be posts outside of Thursday that are additional thoughts or ideas, but my aim is put good content out every Thursday.

Why Thursday? It’s that day of the week that becomes a stumbling block. We look so quickly for Friday because the weekend is in our sight. Thursday can be a sluggish day full of unproductive activities. This blog’s purpose is to provide ideas or thoughts that will help us re:Define Normal.

Normal is boring and to be quite honest, it isn’t working for most people.

Normal is working 9-5 with no passion for what you do.

Normal is being overloaded with debt.

Normal is walking through life with no real desire to learn new things.

Normal is defining our culture.

It’s time to re:Define Normal.