Thursday, May 23, 2013

To College Students Everywhere

Do not let this summer come and go without improving something in your life. A normal summer is full of laziness. Sure, a summer job is usually in the cards, but does that job really make you better at anything? Decide you will press through this summer with purpose. Reading books, learning a new language, and getting outside your comfort zone are only three of the endless ways your summer could be spent. Do not prove those gray hairs right by spending all of your time on Twitter and Running with Friends. Be different. Yours is the generation that brought the idea of solving the world’s problems with a buy one give one concept. Sustainability is an idea mainstreamed by you. Do not fall into the trap of every summer ever, don’t be normal. Make a difference. Because the truth is, you will be leading our world in a much more formal role in a few short years. You have a great chance to begin to prove to the current leaders that they are wrong about you. Live each day with purpose (even those summer days).    

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