Wednesday, January 1, 2014

4 Goals For 2014

New Year's goals are often made, but says only 8% of the goals
are achieved. I have been in that 92% all too
often, but this year I'm going for a different
approach. Instead of trying to fill a list of 10 or
14 (for those of you in the "14 for 2014" camp),
I'm sticking with some basic, but challenging
goals. I'm not going to overdo it by setting
myself up for something that can't be
accomplished. However, I'm not going to set the
bar so low it can all be accomplished by March. 

Progress reports will be posted every first day
of the month. If you want someone to help keep
you accountable for your goals, comment
below. I'll send you a message each month to
check on your progress. Let's tackle these goals 

Here are my goals for 2014...  

1.  Finish writing my dissertation
2.  Run ten miles a month 
3.  Read one book a month (part of @JonAcuff's #EmptyShelf challenge)
4.  Post once a week on

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