Thursday, January 23, 2014

An Open Letter to Jon Acuff

Dear Jon:
       Thank you for being awesome. I have enjoyed reading your books, blog posts, and tweets. If I were to completely switch gears in my career I would probably take a page out of your playbook. The problem is you've made it seem so simple. It’s almost like one day you weren't there and then all the sudden you were. You didn't do this intentionally, but it does seem that way. All credit to you for capitalizing on each opportunity given. Honestly, I never saw the “exit stage right” from the Lampo Group coming. It was a gutsy call, but then again… you did just write a book about quitting your day job to follow your passion. Back to the problem at hand, you have made it look crazy simple to get out there and be noticed. You've been quietly building this huge user base foundation and now you are reaping the benefits of a very well timed and executed plan. Seriously, you are kind of like a rock star in my book (full disclosure…I don’t actually have a book).
          In all seriousness, you have helped me create a sense of passion for communicating. You are a great example of following your dreams and not stopping when the first dream becomes realized. Will I ever be a bestselling author, have over 1000 twitter followers, or speak at awesome conferences… I have to think probably not, BUT that doesn't mean I won’t try.
          Thank you for being a great example of never giving up and making things happen. Thank you for being awesome.

Your friend (kind of, except we've never met),


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