Friday, February 7, 2014

Status of New Year's Goals

As stated in a previous post, here are my goals for 2014. As promised, I will give you an update:

Here are my goals for 2014... 

1.  Finish writing my dissertation
2.  Run ten miles a month
3.  Read one book a month (part of @JonAcuff's #EmptyShelf challenge)
4.  Post once a week on

As you can tell, I'm completely dominating my initial goals by completing working toward goals 1 and 3. I'm a month in and I can't go back now. I say "working towards" because I'm far off from completing my dissertation. In fact, this goal may not be feasible. I just got word that my chair is taking a sabbatical in the fall semester. I was going to try to ramp up and complete everything by the end of the summer, but my initial draft of chapter two came back and looked like it died the death of a thousand cuts. So, it's essentially a re-write. Which is partly why I missed posting last week; to be honest I was in a slump. I've decided to climb out of the pit and start chipping away at goal one. As far as running ten miles a month.... It was a good idea, but the cold weather won. I don't mind bowing out of that one.

How did you do? Have you worked towards the goals you've created? I have heard from some of you through twitter and will continue to check in for some added accountability. If you didn't make goals, start now. Don't wait until next January to start goals, that's just silly.